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Birthday Retrospect - My year of Expansion

  Happy Birthday to me. For the past 15 years I have loved writing this annual Birthday retrospect. It’s like this notch on the wall of time where I mark out my growth, very much like how I mark my son’s height on the wall on his birthday. It is this sacred pause, that I take each year, to remind myself ‘Aah this is where I am, I am here.’ And each year before I write my birthday blog, I read the previous years blog, just to see the character arc of my life story. This year 2023 , has been an absolute – unimaginable year of Expansion. I was thinking, 38 year old 2022 me could NEVER have predicted how far I would come in just 1 year by my 39 birthday.   And then, I read my birthday blog from last year about ANT- FRAGILITY, and I realised that if there was anyone who had already predicted my unpredictable growth, then it was my 2022 self ! An excerpt from last years blog “Resilience is about surviving and recovering despite a difficult situation. Anti – fragility is about

Quantum Leap into a new reality , rewrite your story of potential and possibility

  The wait is over ! I am hosting my POWERFUL Beginners Guide to Quantum Living Class – this is such a powerful class, that each time I have done it, it has catapulted women into their next LEVEL of ABUNDANCE. Are you ready to step into a new realm of existence, where your potential is unlimited?   Welcome to Quantum Living, a transformative journey that will empower you to harness the incredible power of quantum principles to reshape your life and manifest your deepest desires. Who Is Quantum Living For? Quantum Living is for individuals who are eager to break free from old patterns, be a cycle breaker, expand their consciousness, and live a life of purpose and abundance. Whether you're new to the world of quantum physics or have some familiarity with it, this program is designed to meet you where you are and guide you toward unlocking your true potential. What You Will Learn In this LIVE workshop , you will: 1.      Understand Quantum Principles: Gain a fo