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The Gift of Gratitude

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Ready to Realign

  Ready to Realign The unique health and wellness program – designed for the busy and the ambitious.   -Focuses on building lifestyle habits -100 micro habits that make you 1% better everyday -No restrictive diets, no exercise plans, no calorie counting -Helps you realign and rediscover your own unique body, -By working to realign your gut health, your response to stressful situations and your unique sleep patterns. -Helps build immunity, increase longevity, balance hormones, reduce stress, build resilience to handle stress, sleep better, suited for all ages from 6 to 96. -All course notes in a printable format, all instruction videos online, no restrictive live classes. -Lifetime access to all course material   Why is health important, especially for the Busy and ambitious? You value your dreams, goals, aspirations and work hard towards them. You understand the importance of peak health, a state where you can work at your peak performance without feeling bu

Birthday retrospect : From resilience to antifragility

  Happy Birthday to me ! Gosh, let me begin by bragging and being in gratitude- my brag is that this is the 14 th year that I am writing this birthday retrospect, and my gratitude is that there are people who are reading this, who have read ALL my previous 14 years of retrospects, or the past few 5-6 years at the least . Most of you know my life, know my journey, and take the time each year to hold space for me to share my year with you. Thankyou. Thankyou for being a witness to all that is unfolding. Before I wrote this year’s birthday blog – I got a bit nostalgic and re-read the posts from the past few years, so will take you all on a bit of a – journey so far, a recap of sorts. And also to see the story arc, the repeating of patterns, the growth in mindset. 2019 Birthday retrospect – I think no story can begin without this moment in my life. The title of the retrospect was Lebensmude and other Mid-Life things . In this post I spoke about how I was always someone living for t

The Modern Mystic

    Welcome to the 9 days Modern Mystic Navratri challenge – a chance for you to reconnect to yourself. Discover yourself through the mythological stories of the 9 Durgas; Nav Durga. Reclaim your capacity to dream and create the life of your dreams. Experience the range of the 9 emotions Navrasa – and learn how to process shame, anger, fear. Cultivate deep self-compassion for yourself through healing practices on childhood healing and body love. Unlock your own genius using mindset and embodiment exercises. Uplevel your capacity to set and achieve goals. Become more deeply connected to yourself, your purpose, your family and your present. This is Ascension into your Best, most Favourite version of yourself. -         One day while meditating on the various forms of Durga, I realised –Goddess Parvati had it TOUGH ! All through her life (actually many lives) she faced challenge after challenge , with no one to talk to, no Mentors to guide her, no Life Coaches

The feminine Archetypes workshop

  The Power of the Feminine Ever so often we are met with the question what is a woman? And the world answers back – WOMAN, you are a daughter, a wife, a mother, a sister, you effortlessly manage the home and work. You are awesome ! What if the roles we played in people’s lives, and all the work we did at home and at work was taken away- what then would be the essence of the woman? Here is where I introduce to you the concept of ROLEs Vs Archetypes.   Role is the act of DOING, Archetype is the act of BEING. Role is in relation to something else- you cannot be a mother without a child, or a wife without a husband. The archetype has not such rules, you can be a Nurturer without a child– because you can nurture ideas, plants, or other relationships. You do not need a partner to embody the lover archetype – you can live in passion and pleasure for absolutely anything in life.   The power of archetypes and working with archetypes I attended a Live session with Tony Robbins o