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Liberated women...

The liberation of women,liberated woman...what does this mean . who liberated women,how were they inhibited? and what describes a liberated woman..?WHO IS A LIBERATED WOMAN? i dont really know where these thoughts came from..maybe it was the recent doctor's debate on whether there is gender bias in the field of medicine..or maybe it was my stepping into the world of being a post graduate and thinking abt my life marriage and all.. and is it really restricted to women..liberation..? i think men women adults alike are inhibited and thus have scope for liberation...only children,that too really young children are truly liberated.. liberation is not what u say ,or wear or drink and smoke..liberation is not about doin your own thing.. liberation is more mental ,and in the mind.... and believe me we have a looong way to go when it comes to liberation ..and that applies to the men of the world as well...


What's in a name? Why is orkut called orkut? What does it mean anyways? Who thought of such a wierd name..? Why couldn't they think of more meaningful names like myspace,orface book ,or mingle box... I mean imagine a kid being called 'Orkut'!! he wud be nicknamed,'orky' or 'kutty' or 'kutting chai'... Imagine the kids saying 'or kya yaar?' and then saying 'orkut yaar !' then going into peals of laughter. Orkut the kid,would have had a tough life.. didn't happen like that did it?Today orkut is an important part of our lives. Before orkut, 'scraps'were just pieces of cloth or paper to me.But today 'scraps' means connecting with my past and present.Connecting with old friends,strenghthening bonds. so what is the magic in 'orkut'.. i think it lies in the name. orkut could belong to any language ,mean anything.. it could be marathi,bengali,punjabi,malyali.. 'orkut'might have it's roots in
it's been a gastronomic week..or has been weeks ..i have forgotten in my gluttonous state... since the exams,namely my pre post graduate exams got over,life has been delicious. 1: first i went to this place called shalimar situated in the heart of th emughlai land of mumbai,jj area. noted for it's super quick service and value for money, it's a great place for hard core non vegetarians.we had hungama chicken for starters , a sizzling starterof a platter full of kababs.the malai kulfi falooda was yummy too.but i have had better biryani... ambiencewas so so..but when you r digging into tender pieces of meat and gorging on butter naan...the lights an fans dont really matter. 2:the lunch buffet at monza...diametrically opposite of the ambience is tops. the place classy,the decor spartan,even the soup is mild. but what a soup.a vegetarian soup,cream of something...and each one of us had seconds!the live counter had a choice of pastas . there were some unimaginative