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pehli seeti

That first whistle; it starts hesitantly, until it shatters the silence with it’s shrill sound. Puckered lips and a controlled exhalation of breath does not a whistle make, and any one who remembers their first whistle will agree that it is not all childs play. Pehli seeti, the first whistle means many things to many people; but it means a whole lot more to anyone who has cooked rice. So you’ve put the rice and water in a pressure cooker, and put it on the flame, in anticipation to a satisfying if not a sumptuous meal, only to keep waiting.  Has it been 5 minutes, or more like 15? Why has the pehli seeti not blown? Was the water less? Was it too much? Is the flame too low? Is there enough pressure in the pressure cooker?  Is there a leak, is the lid damaged? Should you open the lid and check? Should you raise that weight attached on top of the cooker, in an effort to coax the cooker to whistle? Will you have to order take out again tonight?  Self doubt fills your head along wi…