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The french Revolution

I saw, I took, I cast you by, I bent and broke your pride, And a myriad suns have set and shone.. Since then upon the grave. William Ernest. It’s been two weeks almost, and yet the incident is clear in my head. It was a Sunday morning and I had gone for a free eye camp conducted in a school in Vasco. A non descript building, which shared it’s wall with the airport runway , so every time an air plane took off, it nearly scraped the paint of the roof of the school. But I doubt the school had been painted since it’s inception. I sat at the teachers desk, as people trickled in. At some point during the day I opened the desk drawer out of curiosity and found sheaves of question papers. It was the 9 std history paper, on the French revolution. 20 questions ranging from ‘ What did the delegates at the first continental congress declare’, to ‘how did the mob revolt against the king on 14 july ,1789’. There were questions on the boston tea party, the glorious years of Louis XVI . I didn’t know

My F chord

Six strings and a few frets... thats all it takes to make music.. or so I thought. It had been a childhood dream to learn a musical instrument. So, ambitiously I took on playing the violin at the non-too-wise age of 16… now the violin is one of the toughest instruments to play and I was no prodigy. Thus, my tryst with the violin ended in heart break. In years to come, I dared not pick another, “pointless expensive hobby”, plus I was too busy making my future to concentrate on anything else. Then came 2009.. and with it the realization that I ain’t getting any younger. I had a list of things to do before I turn 25, and one of them was to learn a musical instrument. Hmm,so I started thinking ’I like the flute, but don’t have the breath to blow a balloon, and it takes me three puffs to blow out all my birthday candles, so that’s out. I like the guitar, and every one seems too be able to strum it and sing along How difficult could an instrument be if it allows you to multi task? Plus if Ca

how much does love cost?

Love , the illusion of love, the hard core evidence based true love, or whatever other type you prefer..they are all out there, waiting for the taking. So how much would it cost to buy yourself one. would the genuine love cost more than the fake one? then comes the question is there anything like fake love..or rather is there anything like real love??!! seriously, the almost as good as genuine, made in china variety, available discreetly in some chor bazaar should work just as well. Anyways the true love hardly comes with a ISI quality stamp , or a life time warranty or money back guarantee stamp. So why bother?? Yup , against better advice of my friends I am back to my cynic ways. Yup , all those who follow myu blogs know that I have a healthy disregard for love ( my dumper dumpee theory and shakespeare theory... my personal favourites) :). So why do I sully my pretty blog with my cynicism? Coz someone needs to do the job, and personal blogs are meant for venting .. and I NEED TO VENT