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weddings- The bigger picture

  A week from the wedding and I was just wondering if I could rummage out my old personal diaries, and see if I have any thoughts on my marriage/wedding penned down from my childhood. It would be cool to read what I had written back then, and compare it to what I am feeling right now.  Turns out that most of my diary entries were about exams or academics related.  Nevertheless, I thought to myself it would be a good time to pen down my feelings about the impending wedding now, so that the future me could read about it maybe 20 years later. So I decided to step back and let the feeling of wedding bliss take over me, but nothing much happened.    I tried to look at the bigger picture, but the fact of the matter was that right now, a week before the wedding IT IS NOT ABOUT THE BIGGER PICTURE. It is about the small picture, the tiny minuscule pictures even, It's about the DETAILs because as everyone knows God lies in the details. Now is not the time to reflect and remin