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Love stories... shakespeare style

Each one of us has had a great tragic love story in our life.. the girl who got away.. the could have been.. the might have beeen if only.. the summer romance .. the college crush.. every one of us has gone through the stage of being a secret admirer . At that time life seems empty , almost insignificant without that one significant one.. the sun moon and stars revolved around ' the one who can never be mine..' Ah the sweet sorrow.. actually it was a searing pain at that time.. i was i think 15 ..well it's still a dull ache somewhere.. Anyways ..i think it's agood thing that all of us have had these moments of unattainable bliss.. because the greatest love stories are of unrequited love.. the boy and the girl never actually settle in marrital bliss..but either die ..or live out a life of evergreen memories.. frankly if Romeo and Juliet were to marry.. we would never have..' shall i compare thee to a summer's day, thou art more lovely, more temperate..' inste