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"i am the pebble and i am the driftwood.." the waves of life have formed me every facet of my life .. every smooth and craggy surface.. is a reflection of the past.. "when ppl say they r 'self made' they r living a dangerous lie ..we r who we r not just because of ourselves.. but we r the amalgamation of our parents dreams.. our friends,relatives aspirations. .the last inspiring movie.. the first inspiring book .all have a part to play,in the person who we become.. i am still a sifting bowl..mixing ingredients to make the 'me'mixing the sweet and tangy ..with the bitter and constantly discovering constantly inventing myself.. sure i might be a cullinary disaster ..but in the end what matters is .. that i am still ME!!

strawberry margherita..

It was a post emerg day..had gone to sleep at 11 in the morning and got up at 5 in the evening... oh shit ..i have slept away an entire day...had to study..need to to study.. yup that is the story of my life ..i obsess abt work but hardly do any.. but had already promised friends that i would go shopping with them and so went to phoenix.. got back from shopping ,ate dinner in hostel and settled down to ..what else ,studies. that's when got a message from bro that he is going to hard rock cafe and if i wanted to come.. You see i dont listen to rock and i dont drink.. so am never invited to these joints by bro.. plus i would cramp his style.. but that day i went.. call it post emerg psychosis.. so..i went in my kurta and jeans..with kajal in my eyes.. to a place famed for it's girls in minimal clothing.. hard rock is a great place for a date.. high ceilings..soft lighting..nice music.. because the ceiling is high the smoke from ppl's cigarettes doesnt make u gag an

love actually...

i saw a movie yesterday..which had some beautiful lines on love.. something like this.. "love is like spinning round and round.. u feel dizzy with happiness, your heart is racing. but if u dont keep ur eyes set on something still.. then u might fall and hurt yourself." i on the contrary think that love is something that calms,consoles and quitens the soul.. something that makes u feel safe and secure.. a realization beyond words that-everything will be ok.. because u r in love and u r loved. but can bring a sparkle in ur eyes, a ringing in ur ears.. a blush on ur cheek.. a smile on ur lips.. and that part of love is woderful too..:-)
why cant things be normal..? and when they r normal..why do i complicate matters? what is normal in the first place? normal- it is such a relative term.. what is normal for me may not be normal for the other person.. also there r times when something is normal to me at this yime..but at another time and place it will not be normal for me!!! these r the delirious thought process of the unhinged mind..:-) unhinged is a person who has lost touch with reality..and normalcy.. but then reality may be an illusion..and all the world a dream.. 'pathetic'...!

life is a buffet...

Last week we were celebrating mom's birthday and went to the Taj lunch buffet.. our family is a family is a family of foodies..and i am quite proud of my eating skills.. a good buffet spread is the ultimate treat.. soo We reached Taj at 2;30 and as we took our place we were informed that the buffet is going to be for only another 30 min!!!! only till 3 pm !! I went into panic nood.. sooo much food so lil time.. prawn cocktail,oyesters,crab meat on cucumber,10 types of cheese,20 types of cold meat..dimsums ,momos,mutton ribs,roast chicken,pizza,pasta,soup.. and another assorted table of main coarse which i never had time to see.. then there was the main attraction ..the dessert table..30 ,no kidding..30 or so types of cakes,mousse,scones..!!! but so little time.. i went on the attack and kept filling plate after plate of food ... fill fill keep.. what happened in the end was that i was too nervous to enjoy the buffet and had not done justice to all that i had taken.. my br