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Birthday retrospect: The non memories

Last year, as I turned 30, I set my intentions for the coming third decade.  This decade was going to be all about the ‘ tough stuff’ , the bringing up of family, the increasing of professional reach, the ‘more work and less play’ part of life. Having established such, I quickly took upon myself to become a mother and even as I write this I am delighted to be ma to my lovely 6 week baby boy. What I initially planned on writing about for the birthday retrospect was my metamorphosis into a mother. If I was keenly aware of the new life within me during the 9 months of pregnancy, I was even more amazed at how my entire world started to revolve around the little being on his arrival.  I never considered myself the kind of mom who discussed the colour and consistency of her baby’s poo, and lucky for all my readers I am still not that kind of mom, and yet the last few weeks have seen some lively debates and discussions on the diaper changing schedule and the merits of the various br

The purple peacock: my entry for Amish Tripathi write india contest

1) The story has to be set in the 17th century, not in Ancient Vedic India. 2) Remember, India had changed a lot from its ancient mores by the 17th century. But some still remembered the ancient days, when women were respected. 3) The story must be set in reality and not have fantastical or mythical angles to it. 4) I want the story to be written using the historical information available now about 17th century Paithan. But use your imagination to fill in any holes in the research. Just don't resort to fantasy, keep it plausible. 5) The heroine of the story will be Ilaa - a woman who lived in 17th century Paithan (in what is modern Maharashtra), and who remembered the ancient Vedic days (when women were respected in India) and demanded equal rights as any man. 6) A story which, while entertaining and fun, must deliver a message on women's rights. Something that many of us in Modern India could learn from. PREFACE BY AMISH Close to the city of Paithan, in a small vi