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sunsets with my son

Watching sunsets have always been a kind of therapy with me, bringing into focus what are important, helping evaluate how the day has gone by, and more than anything to revel in the miracle that is nature. This is by no means my first ode to sunsets, read another one here  but this one is different as in , this one is about sunsets I have been sharing with my 16 month old son. A couple of days a week, and sometimes even more frequently, I take my 16 month old son to the beach , to catch the sunset. It helps that the beach in question is a five minute drive from home, and a high spirited walking and playing at the beach helps him sleep deeper at night. Here are a few of my reflections on these precious moments I get to spend with him during the golden hour, of the sun setting in the sea. Buddha and the boat. He has recently begun to say the word ‘bu- da’ for the Buddha paintings at home, and while at the beach, we see a few fishing boats on the beach, and a

New year resolution , investing in myself

As the year draws to a close , I found myself asking , should I make new year resolutions , or am I too old for them? Are resolutions for the young and hopeful? If twenties were about self discovery , then the thirties surely are about ‘ghar grihasti’, the home and the family. But then, rather than letting the winds of time buffet me on my journey, would it not be nice to have a road map, a compass to which way my thirties are headed? With these thoughts in mind I decided to design my new year resolutions this year, not for a year, not for a few months, but as long time goals. I got the idea from my financial advisor actually. This year has been a year of monetary upheaval, for the country at large, with demonetization and such. For me personally, it has been a year, when I started work after a year long sabbatical, without the safety net of a job to go back to, I started a-new as a self employed doctor/surgeon. The worries and woes that, that entailed is for another

Do my patients google me?

What started out as a question with commercial overtones, turned into an existential question. I started out this month with one goal in mind, to reach out to more potential patients in my clinic. It meant creating a Facebook page Dr Kuheli , a twitter handle @Dr_Kuheli and an instagram account @Drkuhelibhattacharya , and then the usual “ what do you put on these pages other than your timings and locations you are available at? And then the obvious question , are my patients googling me? Is India ready to search for doctors, online? Are we moving from word of mouth references to online references? None, of these I hope to answer in the blog post. Because what happened this month, that is in the last two weeks or so, have nudged me to ask a whole different set of questions. It started with a Medical representative, from a pharmaceutical company, who after one of his pharma calls, decided to breach the Doctor – Pharma formalilties and ask me, Madam are you a food blogg