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Pleasure is its own purpose : Birthday retrospect 2020

   I turn 36 today, and in celebration of being 18 years older than 18, I am writing my first ‘strictly above 18 ’ blog post. Statutory warning, this post has explicit content, and you may want to stop right here, if female sexuality is something you are not interested in, or are dismissive of it. But, on second thought, if you are NOT interested in female, or any sort of sexuality, or are dismissive of it, that might be the best reason to read this article, because I was exactly like that most of my life. As a doctor of Science, I understood the basic evolutionary importance of Sex, but as a hard core romantic, who binge watched Rom-Coms, I found the actual act underwhelming, and if put bluntly over hyped, and skewed to satisfy the men. Sex just seemed a marketing gimmick to sell Love to men. As a productive, enthusiastic, creative , modern woman , I didn’t feel that I lacked anything, in fact if you look at the infographic here, the cocktail of human happiness hormones, sex is

35 days to 36. A 5 week birthday challenge

  35 days to 36 Last year, before my 35 th birthday I decided to put myself through a 3 week challenge to break my self-sabotaging habits, and basically jumpstart my self care routine, and it was a fabulous experience. I was someone who slept in her makeup, and didn’t bother with facewash and sunscreen on most days, and by the end of the 21 days I was able do a 5-step skin care routine both morning and night; habits that I continued through the year. Also, I started having my supplements of vit C and turmeric, in those 21 days, over the course of the year, I had added astaxanthin and vit D to the routine as well. So, this year, I decided to step it up, and added a LOT more things to the challenge, and challenged myself to a 5 week challenge which I like to call 35 days to 36. This time I was concentrating on not just myself, but my interpersonal relationships, my long term goals. I posted the entire list of my BEGIN AGAIN list as an Instagram post on 14 August, and here is the r