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How to boil water , and other simple tips ,to cooking in the time of Corona Quarantine

Caution : This article could possibly save lives. Yours as well as those living with you. Now that I have your attention, let us begin. In the past few weeks of social distancing, people have had to get self reliant like they have never needed to do before. And with every food delivery, take away, and restaurant in the vicinity closed down, and also cooks and maids being asked not to come to work, we suddenly find ourselves in the kitchen. Once the least used room in the house, now is a creative outlet as well as an experimental laboratory of sorts. Well, I am here to say that cooking a meal, is as simple or as daunting as boiling water. Thus, today we learn how to boil water , and it should help you prep; breakfast, lunch and dinner, and I guarantee, that with just this article of boiling water for different things, you will survive. This article is so important, you may want to print it out and stick it on your refrigerator, or on top of your stove top. How to Boil

When reality turns into Reality TV ; life in the times of social distancing

How many of you have seen the show Big Boss ? The one where a bunch of strangers are locked up in a house for a stipulated number of days. Well, the international Big Boss has spoken, and this time the game is called Social Distancing. It is the same as Big Boss, except , here instead of complete strangers, you are either stuck all alone in your apartment, or with our family members, and if you thought it was any less entertaining or excrutiating as Big Boss , think again. If reports are to be believed, divorce rates are rising in China ,as couples are being forced to spend more time with each other, apparently 88 couples who came out of isolation in Wuhan , filed for divorce immediately post the quarantine. But, if you remember the baby boom post   9/11, we might very well have an increase in the population 9 months from now, they have even named these future babies the ‘Coronials’. What is it, about being stuck in a closed environment that brings our feelings to a boil