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kelloggs world !

have u ever been asked so what is ur religion ,or , so do u celebrate durga puja? with the festive season around eid and navratri and diwali coming..i cant help but ..analyse religion..and these r my thoughts. firstly religion must not be confused with spirituality or faith or believing in god.Religion is mostly about being part of a whole..being part of a commune,part of a group, part of a cult. religion is about community. Whereas faith is a personal's what u as a person believe .and need not be religious. religion is a lot like corn flakes. actually like any breakfast or food item which one eats every day..but not water. we can survive without religion but not water ,so water is out. anyways as i was saying cornflakes is very interesting analogy, first .it is man made..much like religion. yet it has natural ingredients ..much like religion. and why i say cornflakes anfd not ..say poha or idli sambar is because coprnflakes comes in sooo many different flavours.there is s