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We are the Mango people

‘We are the mango people’ .  No not the jhadu/broom wielding variety, but the knife wielding one. Arre wait, before you get me wrong let me clarify, we wield the knives to cut and slice- mangoes. Election season may be over, but the mango people still remain divided in their vote, on the favourite mango of India. Ask any maharashtrian and they will swear by the Alphonso, and every Andhra-ite will quote poetry for his Bangnaballi, the Delhiite will speak up for his Dasehri. There is no written list of the various candidates, but it’s believed that there may be anything from 500 to 1000 variety of mangoes. Anyways, ‘variety’ is a word used bu the uninitiated, the corrected word here is ‘cultivar’. To name a few of the mind boggling number of ‘cultivars’ of mangoes, Chaunsa, himsagar, paeri,kesar, langda, apart from the three mentioned above. Chaunsa or the ‘chosen one was the name given to a particular cultivar by Sher shah Suri, the Sultan of the muslim Suri empire. Gulab Khas