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Everybody needs inspiration- the story of a muse

I am reading a book, and the book is about me. In reality it’s the first draft of a book titled “Once I met a girl ” and it’s written by a girl by the name Seemee. Seemee and I have never met, we haven’t ever spoken on the phone, we haven’t even exchanged long messages where we exchanged secrets to each other, and yet today Seemee has written a book with over 25000 words about a girl she knows only through a facebook page! Wow!! I know a lot of you reading this must be amazed, well, so was I. Seemee was a friends request I had accepted because she was a girl and we had a common friend. My facebook friend request acceptance criteria was quiet simple, if it’s a guy with no common friends, he will be blocked, if it’s a girl with few common friends, she gets accepted. I can truthfully say that a do not know half my fb friends personally, they are my college juniors, or friends of friends, and frankly I do not mind, most of my FB page is family viewer friendly and it’s not l