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Sublime retreat - where Science meets Spirituality



If you do not become who you most want to be right now, then when?

What more perfect conditions do you suppose would arise and bring you home to yourself?

You only have one instant to dance with yourself before the light goes out forever.

Don’t just imagine how it would seem to open your arms.

Let yourself find a rhythm more perfect, than you could have ever imagined.

Welcome to Sublime: A Women's Recalibration Retreat

Welcome to Sublime, the ultimate women's wellness retreat designed to reconnect, rejuvenate and recalibrate your life. Nestled in a haven of natural beauty in a Sea side resort in Ashwem North Goa, Sublime is more than just a retreat—it's a journey into the depths of your soul, guided by the six emotions that define true well-being: Peace, Catharsis, Pleasure, Joy, Ecstasy, and Gratitude.

Designed to blend Science and spirituality – Sublime retreat is based on the science of NeuroSomatics, emotional frequency scale and the spiritual belief that our inner world designs our outer world.

Our Six Sublime experientials over the 4 days

1. Sublime Peace

Imagine waking up to the gentle sounds of rain and the ocean waves, with the sun rising over a serene landscape. At Sublime, peace is not a distant dream but a daily reality. Our guided meditation sessions and tranquil nature walks will envelop you in a cocoon of calm, helping you find stillness amidst the chaos of life. Reclaim your inner peace and let the world melt away through Yin Yoga,NSDR and hypnotherapy.

2. Sublime Catharsis

Feel the weight lift off your shoulders as you engage in our transformative cathartic experiences. Through expressive arts, heartfelt discussions, and dynamic movement therapies, you'll release pent-up emotions and cleanse your soul. Sublime Catharsis is your path to healing—liberate yourself from the past through guided rage meditations and shadow work breathwork and step into a brighter, more vibrant future with Qigong and sound healing.

 3. Sublime Pleasure

Indulge your senses and reignite your passion for life with our luxurious offerings. Picture yourself savoring gourmet organic meals, each bite a delight to your palate. Delight in your aliveness through orgasmic breathwork and ancient Tantric self pleasure practices. At Sublime, pleasure is a gateway to wellness and developing a deeper sense to self.

 4. Sublime Joy

Rediscover the joy that resides within you. Our retreat is a playground for the soul, with laughter yoga, dance sessions, creative art workshops, and fun group sessions. Every activity is designed to spark joy and remind you of the simple, yet profound pleasures of life. Create your own Joy blueprint through guided practices.

 5. Sublime Ecstasy

Experience moments of pure, unadulterated bliss. Whether it's a meditative Osho whirling practice that takes your breath away, a profound poetry in motion session that resonates with your spirit, or a heart-opening plant medicine ceremony that connects you to the universe, Sublime Ecstasy will elevate your soul to new heights. These are the moments that make life extraordinary.

6. Sublime Gratitude

Cultivate a heart full of gratitude and see the world through new eyes. Our practices of gratitude journaling, heart coherence, and metta sutta group activities will leave you with a deep appreciation for the beauty of life. At Sublime, gratitude transforms every moment into a gift.


 Our Retreat Features

- Sublime Accommodations: Stay in beautiful, serene surroundings designed to relax and rejuvenate. Each room is a sanctuary where you can unwind and recharge.

- Expert Instructors: Learn from seasoned wellness practitioners who are dedicated to helping you achieve your fullest potential. Their passion and expertise will guide you on your journey.

- Customised supplements and enhancers: Each session will be supported by a doctor approved supplement specially crafted to support your physical and emotional wellbeing. From Glutathione to Ashwagandha and Magnesium to Shilajit the Sublime retreat helps you reach your most neuro protected rejuvenation.

- Community Connection: Forge deep connections with like-minded women in a supportive and nurturing environment. Share stories, build friendships, and find a community that understands and uplifts you.

- Pre retreat and Post retreat workshops and guidance: These help you to remove any pre-Retreat anxiousness and also to bond with the retreat goers previously, learn how to get the most of your retreat experience, and also how to ground into the learnings and transformations after your retreat experience.

 Join Us at Sublime

12 September check in 12-2 pm 15 September check out after 1 pm

The Leela Cottages , Ashwem

Energy exchange (all inclusive cost of twin sharing Stay + Meals + Supplements + Experiences)

Early bird Price till 31 July :

Rs 35,000 per person all inclusive including tax (twin sharing)

Rs 45,000 all inclusive including tax (single room)

Price after 31 July till 31 August :

 Rs 38,000 all inclusive including tax (twin sharing)

Rs 48,000 all inclusive including tax (single room)

What is not included in pricing: Travel from and to the retreat center. The retreat centre is in North Goa, so take a flight in to MOPA North Goa airport. Or a train into Thivim railway station. Or an Overnight bus into Mapusa bus stand. And then you would need a taxi to get you to the retreat centre. We will ofcourse help you to connect with other participants coming from your cities, so that you can travel together or share a cab.

Step into a world where you are cherished, where your well-being is paramount, and where transformation is not just possible but inevitable.

Reserve Your Spot Today!

Call or message 9823779816 for details on booking and reservations

Spaces are limited, and our retreats fill up quickly, so secure your place in this life-changing experience. We can't wait to welcome you to Sublime.


For more information and reservations, please contact us at:

- Email:

- Phone: +91 9823779816

Reconnect. Rejuvenate. Recalibrate.

 Welcome to Sublime. Your journey begins now. Take back a lifetime of memories and a group of new friends.

Some frequently asked questions

F.A.Q. : I don’t know anything about the self care practices you mentioned above, I am not very flexible, and I am definitely not an artist, is this retreat still suitable for me?

Yes, Queen! You don’t need any prior knowledge about body flow movements, or art therapy, or breathing exercises. You just need your excitement and curiosity, and let the facilitators guide you. Yes, your mind, body and soul will be stretched with new imagination and experiences, but that is the entire point of a soul retreat, right?

F.A.Q.: I am already an advanced practitioner of  meditations and all of it, will this retreat be of any use to me?

Yes, Queen! Sometimes as practitioners, we often forget the potency of our own medicine. You deserve to be the receiver since you give so much of yourself. With our absolutely unique blend of science and spirituality and trademark practices of the Quantum Feminine, these are not your average meditations, these are super charged with multidisciplinary principles which will enhance your already tuned in body and mind, taking you to your next level of expansion, will help you step up your own healing, and help you dive deeper than you dared to do alone. The retreat will help you go deeper, to rise higher.

F.A.Q : Can I come with my family?

No, it is preferred that you come alone, to really immerse yourself in the sessions, and in the sacred sisterhood of spending time with other women. The more you are willing to leave your real world behind and immerse yourself in the retreat world, the more watered you will feel. But, if you want to come with your family, I would suggest taking the Day Goddess package. That will allow you the best of both worlds.

F.A.Q.: What is the food scene going to be like, I am a foodie?

Meals at the retreat are designed specially to support and enhance your transformation journey, gut friendly, high protein, high in antioxidants and deeply nourishing as well as tasty food. Recipes from Bryan Johnsons Blueprint protocol, and the Glucose Goddess protocol for gut friendly glycemic control. The meals are designed to be both nourishing as well as supportive to all the 5 koshas, sattvic ayurvedic food.

F.A.Q. : What do we wear at the retreat ?

Well, girl, it’s a Women’s retreat, of course we have theme for each module. White for Peace, red for catharsis, pinks and sexy outfits for pleasure, citrus for joy, bling for bliss and greens for gratitude module. Needless to say, carry some easy-to-move-in for the morning movement classes. If you are someone who does not like to dress up, that’s fine too. Come as you are.

F.A.Q.: What about women of other nationalities ?

Yes, queen! You are more than welcome.If you have a payment issue, you can email us on . The price is the same for you , no changes, except if there are any handling charges, that’s it. You can do a bank transfer or Gpay whichever is convenient for you. Goa is extremely popular with people of all nationalities, because if it’s universal appeal of sun, sand and sunny hospitality. And Ashwem, where we are having the retreat is one of the most popular foreigner friendly beaches in Goa.

I hope this answers most of your questions, But if you have any more doubts and queries :

Call : +919823779816





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