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Birthday Retrospect - My year of Expansion


Happy Birthday to me.

For the past 15 years I have loved writing this annual Birthday retrospect. It’s like this notch on the wall of time where I mark out my growth, very much like how I mark my son’s height on the wall on his birthday. It is this sacred pause, that I take each year, to remind myself ‘Aah this is where I am, I am here.’

And each year before I write my birthday blog, I read the previous years blog, just to see the character arc of my life story.

This year 2023 , has been an absolute – unimaginable year of Expansion.

I was thinking, 38 year old 2022 me could NEVER have predicted how far I would come in just 1 year by my 39 birthday.

 And then, I read my birthday blog from last year about ANT- FRAGILITY, and I realised that if there was anyone who had already predicted my unpredictable growth, then it was my 2022 self !

An excerpt from last years blog

“Resilience is about surviving and recovering despite a difficult situation.

Anti – fragility is about thriving and getting even better because of the difficult situations!

And I realised I had not just survived my Lebensmude, I had not just recovered from my 2019 phase and gone back to 2018 me, I had upleveled, upskilled, become fitter, more aligned, more fulfilled, healed, magnetic, sensual, joyous and daring because of the stressors. I had learnt new skills, I had started new businesses, I had stepped into arenas I had never ever imagined I would – like being an entrepreneur, or a life coach. And the best thing is that it doesn’t end here, because the anti-fragile keep changing, keep pivoting, keep transmuting, keep evolving. Even I don’t know which way my life story will turn, if anything the past 3 years birthday retrospects have taught me, is that I never know what I am going to do next year !

This year 2022- 2023has been a year of EXPANSION for me.

-        My eye fit kit my Vision Therapy at home kit grew in popularity, and now we have served patients from almost every state in India, and to 4 continents including Australia and Africa.

-        My squint surgeries popularity grew across the country, and last month 70% of my surgical patients were actually all-India patients who travelled from outside Goa to come and get operated by me. We have had patients from 9 Indian states this year, including Uttarakhand, Jharkhand, Jammu and Kashmir, and I look forward to the day I have patients from every state in India.

-        Financially I made more in a month that I had made in a year in one of my enterprises. And then I managed to make more in a single day, than I have made in an entire month. And then I sold out one of my kids journals in a single day.

-        We had some amazing International vacations In Spain and Vietnam, and local travel holiday to Meghalaya and I managed to continue taking breakfast calls with patients and clients  even during my vacations, it was the first year I was able to see the tremendous power of Work Life Blend .

-        I went for deep immersive events and retreats and invested big in my own personal growth.

-        And finally had the resources to invest in my all-time favourite Coaches and Mentors.

-        My mind was blown by the immense growth that I was having in all areas of Life, and I had finally created a blueprint of how others could create that in their own lives, and I started my 6 months Mentorship program called The Expansion Experience.

-        What’s even crazy is that yes, I have had a massive year this year, but through Expansion Experience, other women, are also creating their quantum leap year this year.

Another massive growth, was how much I wrote this year . each year, I wait to write my most life changing, my most inspirational post , for my Birthday, and these birthday blogs were these shining pieces of prose that would guide readers on their life journey. But this year , I started my own email newsletter, and now I wrote atleast a 100 pieces of writing this year , and sometimes every single day I send out an email – which is sometimes, inspirational, sometimes motivational and sometimes transformational. And I have avid readers who wait each day to read my writings.

( To be part of my email list , leave your details HERE)

Gosh, I wrote so much this year! Gosh I taught so much this year! Gosh I did so much this year! Gosh I got so much this year! And – I had so much fun. I really did.

Here is how.

Words .

Words changed my life.

My least years post had a few words I have used over the years – Lebensmude, Resilience and Anti fragility.

For the year 2023 my words were – Love, Expansion and Delight.

I chose the words in December 2022 itself, and they started to show the miracles in December itself.

Love – and delight – made me create the Kids new Year Journal in December, and it was my idea of Expansion, give more, do more, make it more, expand it, that it being appreciated so much that we had a 100 copies of it sold in a single day.

We were traveling in Meghalaya, and were in a small village in Cherapunjee in February. I had barely any range, and was also on a family holiday, but 3 of my VIP 1: 1 Life Coaching clients wanted urgent appointments with me. All 3 were related to love and relationships. Catching their husband in an extramarital affair and having moments of personal doubt, another finding herself being in an extramarital affair and unable to reconcile herself to what she should feel, and yet another wanting to go back to her separated husband. Now, I am not a marriage therapist, so they were clearly not seeking me out for marriage counselling. It was a break down of Self-Love and Self- Trust that each of these women were going through. And on my 7 hour trek in Cherapunjee that day, I pondered what would be the absolute best way to help them and women all over to develop such deep Self Love, and Self- Trust that they can then find the growth and answers in each of these complex relationship problems.

the first thing I did when I came back was hold a 7 day Self Love challenge, for all my clients, and every woman out there.

I know most of you are thinking – the solution is not that simple.

And I realised the same. To give women a true ability to decide and choose for herself – we would have to deal with years of society, and patriarchy, and her own family situations, and then her financial situation, and her childhood dreams and aspirations, and what her mental state, and her emotional needs and her physical needs as a woman.

And through Love, Delight and Expansion – I created a 13 weeks program called the Expansion Experience.

This program was designed to help women live their best life in the 10 areas of her life without burnout, overwhelm and self doubt. and I knew it needed to be taught in the most feminine, and fun and delightful manner. And so everything from money management to business ideology, to healing past karmic cycles, and finding your life’s purpose, to finding your G spot, everything is covered every week, for 13 weeks. And to make it even more filled with love, and even more delightful, and even more expansive, I decided to give 13 weeks extra, as a bonus.

That was my business and life strategy for 2023 – give more.

And it worked.

“How can I make it more Expansive?” Is the question I continued to ask myself while creating everything this year. “What would make me feel more love, more delight, more expansion ?” “What makes me feel more expansive? What makes me feel more contracted? Where am I feeling guided to say a Big fat full body yes ?”

We have created some of the most amazing moments and memories, inside Ex Ex.

The next batch begins in 1 October, and takes you through the last 3 months of 2023, and the first 3 months of 2024. Why is this October batch going to be so special? Because they get the unfair advantage of finishing 2023 on a winning streak, and starting 2024 off on a flying start , it’s the kind of rocket fuel to an ambitious woman’s dream life like no other mentorship program.

And also because I am all fired up.

This year when I marked out that little notch on the wall of life, I saw this huge growth spurt between 2022 and 2023. From antifragile to being in expansion, but next year is going to epic. I turn 40. Everything from tomorrow, to 1 year from today, when I turn 40 is all about Epic and Fabulous.

There, I set the stage. Let’s go !

And I want to take all of you along with me for the ride .

kick starting the year of Epic and fabulous with my First ever All women's Retreat in Goa from 28 September-1 October. Read Here

and the Unfair Advantage batch of The Expansion Experience from 1 October . 

You can be part of both !







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